Global Level Disaster Management

United Nations and inter-governmental organizations are working with EMNEX partners, providing satellite images for rapid mapping and fusion with smartphone-based field assessment tools for professionals and crowdsourcing. Partners support rapid capture of aerial images from manned planes and from drones, as well as support for pre-disaster data. UN also use the capabilities in combination with online rapid mapping and a common operational picture and for Interaction with local authorities.


Regional Emergency Management

Civil Protection and regional authorities rely on EMNEX partner´s solutions for messaging to mobile phones and providing situational awareness. Satellite and aerial images help emergency management authorities get overview of flooding, fires and other larger scale situations and provide updated data for mapping and geo-spatial intelligence. Smart communication applications and technology secure critical communication can be operational.


Regional Security Management

Police and security management authorities use solutions from EMNEX for surveillance and situational awareness, aiming for early detection of risks to our society and securing appropriate responses. With increasing threats in many areas, mapping situations, operational photos and video communication, alerting the public and having access to relevant information at the right time is essential for operations at all levels.